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Looking for used campervan for sale in Australia? Travelwheels sells used ex-hire campervans with 12 months warranty and buy back guaranteed included in the price :-)

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Campervans Sales and used ex-rentalcampervans in Australia with buy back guarantee

Why buy used campervan for sale in Australia from Travelwheels?

Travel Wheels is a registered used campervan for sale dealer in New South Wales [NSW] Australia.

For free advice, helpful hints and tips on how to buy a camper in Australia, please Email Travel Wheels here or call on 1800 289 222 NOW.

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Our staff have travelled extensively around Australia and many other parts of this beautiful world. We offer plenty of free and independent advice on routes, places to see and what to do. Feel free to call us at anytime and we are more than happy to answer your questions about buying a used camper with travelwheels

Front and side of a Travel Wheels campervan with the root raised
Lunch by the lake with your Travel Wheels campervanThe dining table of a Travel Wheels campervan seats four)Front and side of a Travel Wheels campervan with the root raisedFour girls relaxing by their Travel Wheels campervan on a sunny Australia dayTraveller viewing Ayres Rock from the roof of his Travel Wheels campervan

Why buy used campervan for sale in Australia from Travelwheels?

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Travelwheels reviews for used campervans for sale in Australia

Below is some of the review from some our happy customers who have bought a Travel Wheels used campervans for sale whilst on holiday in Australia.

travelwheels review for used campervan sales in Sydney

“We tried to buy a campervan privately, but just didn’t feel comfortable with the quality we found on the internet and on noticeboards in hostels. The guys at travelwheels camper sales Sydney really looked after us and helped us find a good camper we could afford.

It was clean, and came with a full year unlimited kms warranty which was Australia wide which gave us peace of mind. We used the buy back guaranteed at the end of our trip and got 50% back with no hassles, so would recommend travelwheels for someone looking to buy a campervan in sydney.” - Fred & Linda Harris, Dublin, Ireland.

Used campervan sales review for travelwheels

“Originally we were after a 4×4 used campervan for sale, but after speaking to the guys from travelwheels they explained the pros and the cons of a 4×4 and the extra costs involved in buying and selling one.

In the end we bought the best value campervan/car for travellers wanting to explore Australia, a fantastic Ford Falcon Station Wagon. We drove about 30,000Kms in six months and it was AMAZING journey!!!!!! I would definitely recommend using travelwheels as a place to buy a car in Australia” - John B, France

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