Used Campervans for Sale Sydney Australia

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  • Used Campervans for Sale Sydney

    Are you looking for used campervans for sale in Sydney? Then Travelwheels Used Campervans for sale Sydney can help you find the right used campervan for sale you are after.

    Four Dutch girls enjoying the sunshine after buying a used campervan

    Used Campervans for Sale Sydney


    Used Campervans for sale Sydney from Registered NSW Dealer

    If you are searching to buy used campervans for sale it’s important to research the company you are thinking of using.  Travelwheels Campervans is a registered NSW (New South Wales) car and campervan authorised official reseller.  We sell used ex-hire used campervans for sale, 4x4s and we also build our own used campervans for sale as well.

    We sell used campervans for sale in Sydney + used 4x4s!

    Not sure if you should buy used campervan for sale in Sydney? Below is our guide the three most popular types of vehicles our customers buy from us and a short video.  This will give you an idea of which of these vehicles is best suited for your trip down under.   Remember you can email anytime if you any more questions about buying used campervans for sale in Sydney on the button just below:
    Email Travelwheels here


    Most popular used car for sale Sydney – station wagon

    If you are on a tight budget, then buying a used station wagon is the cheapest way for up to 5 people to travel down under on a tight budget.  Check out the video below of one of our happy customers who bought a used station wagon for sale from us:

    Used campervans for sale- Click here -

    Why buy a used station wagon for sale Sydney?

    The most popular used vehicle travelwheels campervans has for sale in Sydney is called a “station wagon”. Basically it is a large estate car and has space to fold down the back seats for a double bed.  This is a quick and cheap way you can have a mobile hotel on wheels.  Buying a station wagon for sale is the cheapest vehicle we offer and another positive point is that they are easiest vehicle to resell after your trip.

    Used campervans for sale conversions in Sydney

    Travelwheels campervans build used campervans for sale and also we sell off our ex-hire used campervans for sale. These are great fun and come with plenty of extras so you can have a wild time down under! We can add extra features such as 2 battery systems, fridges, kitchens and just about anything else you can think of! Check out this video below of our German carpenter, Marco demonstrating just one of the very popular 2 person used campervans for sale from our Sydney depot.

    Used campervans for sale- Click here -

    Travelwheels staff can speak deutsch, Français and other European languages as well! We love building used campervans for sale for our customers.  They come with a mini kitchen and double bed in the rear of the vehicle which can save you $1000’s of dollars in accommodation!  For more information about these used campervans for sale send us an email in Français, deutsch or English!
    Email Travelwheels here


    Travelwheels sells used 4×4 campervans for sale Sydney

    Travelwheels Campervans sells used 4x4s for sale at our Sydney depot.  If you are looking to buy used 4×4 then you have come to the right place! We can also build you a used 4×4 campervan for sale with fold out double bed and a kitchen.

    Have a look at this travelwheels campervans YouTube video featuring “Wayne” our used 4×4 sales manager who has had over 40 years experience in buying 4×4’s in Australian. In this video he gives you some tips and advice on buying a 4×4 camper down under

    Used campervans for sale- Click here -

    Remember Wayne can talk about used 4x4s for days! Don’t get him talking about the days he worked in Carnaby street in London selling shirts to the Beatles as you will never get away from Wayne!

    Why buy used campervan for sale from Travelwheels?

    Now you have seen the types of used campervans and cars for sale travelwheels campervans have in stock.  The next question you are probably going to ask is about customer service?  How about the extra warranty included with every used vehicle travelwheels campervans sells in Australia?  Below is a list of the main benefits of buying from Travelwheels Campervans.  If you have any further questions then you can send us an email and our friendly staff will be more than willign to answer your questions.

    • Travelwheels campervans Registered Australian Car Dealer for over 7 years
    • One year unlimited kilometers Australia wide warranty included in the price
    • “Try before you buy” scheme giving you total peace of mind if you are not sure if buying or renting is the best option for you
    • Includes Road Side Assistance cover 24/7 across the whole of Australia when you buy from travel wheels
    • Guaranteed buy back contact with a fixed price resale, so you know how much money you will get back at the end of your trip
    • We can build beds, add curtains, and supply camping equipment for up to five adults at cost price when you buy a used vehicle from travel wheels
    • Give you plenty of advice on travel routes, places to go and where you can camp or sleep at night for free to save you money!
    • We give you the flexibility of trying to sell your car privately and then if you can’t sell it then you can use our guaranteed buyback plan
    • We will help you to sell your car after your holiday for FREE and we will advertise your used vehicle for sale on all our websites and blogs before you finish your trip
    • Friendly staff who can speak Deutsch and Français, so you can contact travelwheels via email or phone in your language

    Contact travelwheels campervans Sydney Australia

    Our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have about buying or hiring a campervan, car or 4×4 in Australia.  You can send travelwheels an email and you can write in English, Deutsch or Francais by clicking on the buttons below

    Email Travelwheels here