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Advice Buy or hire Campervan in Australia travelwheels campervans

Have a play with our 'should I hire campervan or buy used campervan" trip planner. It will give you a rough guide to when you should hire or buy used used campervan in Australia.

Advice Should I hire or buy used campervan Australia?

Here at travelwheels we get load of emails from people all over the world. Probably the number one question our customers email travelwheels is about asking about advice on if they should hire or buy campervan?

Feel free to - email travelwheels Sydney here, and we can answer any of your questions about hire Vs buying campervan down under.

Advice buy Vs hire campervan in Australia follow this rule

When you are not sure if you should buy used camper or maybe hire camper in Australia, then follow this simple rule to help you make up your mind about which option is best for you

    We suggest if you are travelling for 12 WEEKS OR LESS - then the best bet is to hire a campervan.
    We suggest if your trip is 12 WEEKS OR MORE - then it can make more economical sense to BUY a campervan & then if you wish use our guaranteed buy back option for a trouble free holiday.

buy Vs hire camper in Australia for less than 8 weeks = rent camper

Travelling in Australia for less than 8 weeks - best option is to rent a travelwheels campers.

For great deals on Australia campervan hire click here to check out our specials!

Travelwheels Australia Campervan Hire - 5 different vans to rent

Travelwheels campers have five different types of vans you can hire across Australia. We have depots in the following cities Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.

2 Person camper hire "LOWTOP" - Click here to view

2 to 3 Person camper hire "HIGHTOP ROOF" - Click here to view

2 to 3 Person camper hire "NEW SHAPE" - Click here to view

5 Person camper hire "HIGHTOP ROOF" - Click here to view

5 Person Automatic camper hire "AUTOMATIC CAMPER GREAT FOR FAMILIES" - Click here to view

Travelwheels Campervan Hire - all vans come with added extras for FREE! The great thing about Travelwheels Australia vans is you get all the camping chairs, sleeping bags and cooking and living equipment included in the price. Many of our competitors charge you for camping chairs, tables, etc and with travelwheels you get all the extra for FREE!

Click here for great rates on Australia campervan hire

Travelling in Australia for more than 8 weeks - buy used campervan

In Australia for longer than 8 weeks, then better to buy used camper for sale. If you are here longer than 8 weeks then probably the best option is to look at buying a used car, camper or 4x4. Remember travelwheels also sells ex-rental used campervans for sale as well!

Should I buy used car, campervan or 4x4 in Australia free advice

Not sure if you should buy used car, used campervan or maybe a used 4x4 for sale? This is a very common question that our customers ask travelwheels used campervan sales. It really does depend on your trip and what kind of holiday you want and of course how much money you have!

Most popular used car for travellers in Australia - used Station wagon

If you are on a tight budget, then we suggest buying used station wagon. This is the cheapest way for up to 5 people to travel down under on a tight budget

The most popular used vehicle we have for sale in Australia for travellers is called a "station wagon". Basically it is a large estate car and when you fold down the back seats you can sleep in the back of the vehicle. This way you can have a hotel on wheels, and don't take our word for it listen to one of our happy customers who bought a used station wagon from us with 12 months warranty and buy back guarantee included in the price.

Travelwheels sells used campervan conversions in Sydney

Travelwheels staff can speak German, French, and other European langauges as well! We love building used campervans for sale. They come with a mini kitchen and double bed in the rear of the vehicle which can save you $1000's of dollars in accommodation.

Travelwheels sells 4x4 and 4x4 bush-campers in Australia

Looking to buy used 4x4 or maybe a bush camper in Australia? Then you have come to the right place as travelwheels used campervans are experts in finding you a great value for money 4x4! We can also build you used camper for sale with fold out double bed and a kitchen. We have many satisfied customers who have bought a used 4x4 camper from us and spent many months travelling around down under and getting to see the real outback which is only accessible with a 4x4.

Have a look at this travelwheels used camper YouTube video featuring "Wayne" our 4x4 sales manager who has had over 40 years experience in buying 4x4's in Australian. In this video he gives you some tips and advice on buying a 4x4 camper down under

Remember Wayne can talk about used campers and used 4x4s for days! Don't get him talking about the days he worked in Carnaby street in London selling shirts to the beatles as you will never get away from Wayne talking about the good ole days!

The decision to hire or buy used campervan in Australia?

The decision to either RENT or BUY a used campervan is really is up to you! At travelwheels we have had customers who have rented a camper for up to one year! Normally if you are going to be in Australia for that period if time it will be much cheaper to buy one instead!

Long term campervan hire in Australia - travelwheels has great deals

Travelwheels are specialists in long term camper rentals in Austraila. Let us help you plan your extended trip to Australia and we can help with route planning and of course great deals on long term van hire.

This is a very popular choice for many of our customers from all over the world. If you are thinking of an extended trip to the sunshine, then we are experts at providing long term camper hire quotes. Click here to see our great deals on discount long term campervan hire in Australia with travelwheels

Long term discounted campervan hire for New Zealand Residents

We get a lot of kiwi's or New Zealanders who want to escape the winter months in New Zealand! One of the most cost effective ways of doing this is to go for long term van hire discounted quote from travelwheels.

We are specialists in long term campervan hire and have some very competitive rates! We have some brilliant deals especially for those travellers from New Zealand who want to escape the New Zealand winters! We have many happy customers from NZ who pop over and spend three to four months renting a camper and travelling around Queensland before popping back to New Zealand for the spring and summer months.

Click here to see our great deals on discount long term campervan hire in Australia with travelwheels

Long term campervan hire deals for Australia

These long term discounted camper hire rates are also a very popular choice for our friends from the Northern Hemisphere such as German, England, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Holland and many others (including our American and Canadian friends as well!).

Travelwheels offers great deals on discounted long term camper rentals for our European friends, so all you have to do is Click here to see our great deals on discount long term campervan hire in Australia with travelwheels campervans

Contact travelwheels campervans for advice on Australia campervan hire

For free advice from our friendly staff at travelwheels all your have to do is Click here to contact travelwheels campervans or call us on 1800 289 222 in Australia. If you are overseas, then probably easier and cheaper for you to either Skype us or email - info@travelwheels.com.au

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