Travelwheels Campervan Hire fly drive holiday Sydney to Cairns

Fly Drive Campervan Hire Holiday Specials from Travelwheels Campevan Hire! We offer great value fly drive Australian campervan hire holidays for travellers visiting Australia!
One Free flight with travelwheels fly drive Cairns to Sydney package!Campervan Hire Quick Quote

Fly drive campervan hire – one free flight !

If you are looking to save money on travelwheels campervan hire, then this is the best way to save a fortune!  During the quieter months you can save a fortune by reversing your Sydney to Cairns campervan hire holiday!

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Some times during the year we have too many campervan up in Cairns, so we offer these fly drive campervan hire specials instead of doing campervan relocation deals.

This means you could qualify for a free flight if you reverse your trip and start from Cairns heading towards Sydney!  Note this offer is subject to campervan availability and never available during the peak season such as Christmas, New Year and Easter or School Holidays.  However if you are flexible you can save a fortune and we will pay for one free flight upto $300 if you  book for 21 days or more!

How does the fly drive campervan hire deal work?

Step 1 – Pop into travelwheels campervan hire office in Sydney or email us or call 0412766616.

Step 2 – Our friendly staff will check for our fly drive campervan hire specials or you can click here to view our low rates for travelwheels campervan hire

Step 3 – As long as you book for 21 days or more out of peak season (subject to availability) we will give you one free flight :-)

Step 4 – Pay for your campervan and then grab your plane tickets and head for cairns

You don’t have to rush to pick up your travelwheels campervan hire vehicle when you arrive in Cairns.  Why not chill out for a few days and stay in a hotel or hostel.  You don’t need a campervan whilst diving on the great barrier reef!
Then when you are ready, just stroll over to travelwheels campervan hire Cairns depot and start your adventure back down to Sydney.

NOTE – subject to availability and this offer can not be used in peak season.  If you are flexible you can bag a bargain here!  Click on the link below to email us if you are interested in this travelwheels campervan hire fly drive special!
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Campervan Hire Australia Fly Drive Deals – why drive both ways?

Now you know you can save a lot of money with fly drive deals, but there is another reason why you should go for it!  Another positive thing about Travelwheels Campervan Hire fly drive holidays is that you do a lot less driving and more fun stuff! This means it allows you to visit all the fantastic sites along the east coast of Australia, without covering the same road twice in your camper!

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Travelwheels Campervan Hire Fly Drive Holiday. Gives you more time to relax and enjoy those lovely glasses of wine!

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Fly Drive Campervan Hire from Travelwheels Campervans

Travelwheels Campervans Fly drive campervan hire is a brilliant way to save time, money and allows you total freedom and independence! You can visit all the famous landmarks and really enjoy your trip along east coast of OZ in your travelwheels campervan in a relaxed way.  This is a great way to see the best bits of the east coast of Australia in style!

Cheap domestic flights Australia & Fly Drive Deals

How do go about getting one of these fly drive deals and how can I really save money?  Travelwheels campervan hire recommends getting a cheap domestic flight and then adding on your camper rental deal for a brilliant holiday. This way you can buy your own flights and then let travelwheels get your good value for money camper rental deal for you.
Cheap domestic flights in Australia – who can I book with?

At travelwheels campervan hire we are always flying all over the country visiting our depots in Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Therefore we book a lot of cheap domestic flights and have a few tips for you. Below is our list of who we like to use for domestic flights within Australia
Cheap flights to Australia (Click Here)
Jetstar Airways –
Tiger Air –
Virgin Australia –

Camper hire Australia Fly Drive Deals – how does it work?

Travelwheels Campervan Hire Australia fly drive deal  – First check out our deals for campervan hire Australia Fly Drive specials here. Once you have booked your campervan, then you simply fly to your first destination, and then chill out!

Travelwheels really recommends have a few days up in Cairns chilling! If you do have the extra time, then relax for a few days before you pick up your campervan. Cairns is a great example for a fly drive camper-van hire deal destination and you can email travelwheels Cairns camper-van hire here for more details on routes and things to do whilst in the area for free.

This is our most popular Fly Drive Campervan Hire Australia deal we offer at travelwheels. We get lots of customers who arrive in Sydney and visit all the tourists sights for about a week. Then when they are ready they fly up to Cairns which is a three hour flight approximately. Once they arrive in Cairns it’s nice to chill for a bit, see the Great Barrier Reef and then after a few days sun, jump in your camper hire deal from Travelwheels. This way you will be relaxed and able to see the best of the East Coast of Australia with your camper without rushing and getting stressed out!
Campervan Hire Australia why choose travelwheels Fly Drive deal?

Benefits of a fly drive campervan hire

Below is a list of the main benefits of booking your Australian Campervan Holiday with travelwheels and using our FLY DRIVE CAMPERVAN HIRE PACKAGE. The best way to do ‘more holiday’ and less driving with travelwheels fly-drive campervan-hire deals!

Travelwheels fly drive camper hire – brilliant way to save time, and money!
Uses Low Cost Airlines – flexible, cheap, and easy to book.
Australia is the ideal destination for a fly-drive holiday.
Jump on a plane and within hours you are having fun in the sun!
All you do is simply fly to your first destination and then chill out!
Relax for a few days and then pick up your campervan.
With FLYDRIVE you are not paying for a camper hire when you don’t actually need it!
No Backtracking or using up valuable days of your holiday covering the same road twice!

Campervan Hire Australia Fly Drive Holidays contact travelwheels

We are a friendly bunch of enthusiastic travellers who work at travelwheels campervan hire. We are always here to help you, and can contact us for FREE friendly advice about fly drive holidays in Australia, campervan hire and our staff can speak Deutsch and Français. Click on the link below to email about fly drive holidays in Australia:

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